Saturday, April 4, 2009

I sold one

Yes, I sold a handbag yesterday. It was the blue quilted shoulder bag. This was an early bag I made and silly me, I tried to quilt the material without basting it. Fortunately, the pattern of the fabric hides the mistakes, and really the bag turned out beautifully.

I found the contrast fabric on sale for cheap and had to look for a couple of weeks to find a small pattern to match the blues in it. I had a little trouble with my machine and making the straps and I finally ended up hand sewing them around the cord.

It has a large outside pocket with magnetic flap and inside it has two smaller side pockets and a deep pocket on the opposite side. Don't you just love pockets? I hope the person who bought it will use it and enjoy it.

I am also learning how to take photos of my bags. Sometimes I can get the light right, and sometimes it just looks terrible.

I'd like to thank my daughter, she's the model in the photos. We had a good time taking photos in the rec room of her apartment complex. It was very nice since the decor and props were mostly all there, so we just took advantage.

Here are a few of my other creations. This set was made for my daughter's birthday. I kind of like matching accessories, and she does too. I made a wallet, make up pouch, card holder and key ring from the scraps of material. I'll post some more later.

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