Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sewing for kiddies

I don't really get excited sewing for babies or children, but I have twin granddaughters who are turning six years old tomorrow. One of them requested a bathrobe with pink butterflies. So I went to the fabric store and bought a simple pattern and fleece with pink butterflies. Then her sister said she wanted a bathrobe, too, but she wanted purple fairies on it. Wow, I had to look really hard for the pink butterflies fabric, and purple fairies was a challenge. Good thing I had a coupon for 40% off. That fleece was expensive. But here they are. I am not thrilled with sewing with fleece. It seems so artificial to me. I like natural fibers, cotton, linen, silk, cotton, wool, cotton and linen.

With the left over scraps, I made a couple of stuffed bunnies for the pockets. I enjoyed sewing the bunnies more than the bathrobes. I just made up the pattern and when I sewed them, they seemed to take on their own personalities. The first one seemed to be pretty cheeky. In fact, he kept getting closer and closer to my camera.

The other one was more shy. He wouldn't pose unless the other one did with him.

And the next thing I knew they had jumped into the pockets of the bathrobes. I have to go now, I have to wrap some birthday gifts.

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