Monday, October 26, 2009


I have always loved leather. I love the smell of it, the texture and when I got a sewing machine that could sew leather, I was very happy. This machine is powerful. It goes fast and can sew through anything. I have scraps from a leather upholstery shop and have been experimenting with sewing on it. I also tried to sew on my regular Viking home machine and it does okay as long as there are one or two layers of thin leather. The big industrial machine goes through 4 -5 even 6 layers (and fingers too, if I'm not careful).

So I started sewing with small projects like these unlined gadget bags that are perfect for ipods with cords, chargers etc:

And then I tried some applique for these small zippered bags. I also lined these bags with cotton. and added a strap to make it a wristlet.

I will be putting up these goodies for sale on Artfire. You can click on the shop at the right to purchase any of these as I post them.

Next: A little more sophistication in leather.

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