Friday, November 27, 2009

Baby bag repair

I have been meaning to post this, as the purple baby bag I made last month came back.  It seems that an overzealous brother-in-law thought the front pockets were one big pocket with velcro and ripped it open, only to find out that they were sewed shut and he tore a hole in the body of bag.

Yep, it looks pretty ugly, huh?   I put off this repair for a week, because I had no idea how to go about fixing this.   First thing I did was take out the stitching that divided the pocket.  I figured if he thought it was one big pocket, other people would too.

Investigating the damage, he tore through the outer fabric and the fusible interface but because the fleece was not attached to the fabric, it didn't get ripped, but now I couldn't just go through the lining to repair it because the fleece is stitched to the outer fabric all the way around.  I didn't want to completely deconstruct the bag to make this repair.  What to do, what to do?   Well I took a piece of medium fusible interfacing and positioned it under the rip with the fusible stuff facing the wrong side of the outer fabric and carefully pulled the fabric together. Then I ironed (pressed) the outer fabric until the rip was fused back together.  Great, but still it LOOKED like a repair.  So I took a piece of scrap fabric and fused ultra hold no sew bond, the kind you use for applique,  and then cut with a rotary blade a nice rectangular piece and fused that to the top of the outer fabric.  Because the pattern is small and irregular, the fused piece sort of disappears.

So what do you think?  In most light from average distance, you can hardly tell that it is repaired.  Up close, however, you can see the patch.  I wanted to make sure the pocket was not floppy so I undid the lining about 2 inches and put a magentic snap inside the bag, and one on the front of  the pocket.  Now when someone rips it open the snap will come loose, but you can still put your hand in either side of the front pocket while it is still snapped to get things out quickly.

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