Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mini Twist Clutch

I found a fabulous new pattern for a twisted clutch from Constructivsm.  I made the first one in a red and black brocaded silk with a dark green silk lining and it really turned out well.  Here is a photo

Here is what the interior looks like:

I really liked how easy this went together and how professional it looked so I made another one out of some bamboo linen blend that I had.  Boo!  It was not very successful. It was a soft drapey fabric so I fused interfacing to it. The linen wrinkled so badly as I was sewing it, then when I turned it, it was a mess!  I tried to press the wrinkles out after I finished it, but then the glue from the interfacing bled through and made dots on the outside of the fabric.  And yes the fabric got shiny and still it looks wrinkled.  No wonder I don't WEAR linen. Well here's the photo. 

The red one will be in the shop after tomorrow, but you won't see the linen one.


  1. Oooh - I LOVE that twist detail!!

  2. Nikki,
    Thank you for your comment. I do love this twist detail. The pattern from Constructivism is my current favorite. (though I really love every pattern I've made by you). You can tell the ones done by pattern makers, they are so precise and easy to go together.